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Ladder League

Ladder leagues are a 6-8-week season, in which teams of two compete against other teams at a comparable skill level. The teams, are made up of two players that compete together for the entire season. In this type of league divisions are usually made up of women’s, men’s and mixed players. Players of various skill levels and abilities are able to participate in a ladder league offering different divisions. Come and join the fun!

Shootout League

A shootout league is a league in which players compete individually over the course of a six to eight-week season. Each player will compete in three games, each with a different partner. After the three games are played, the two players that did the best will move up a court and the two players that did the worst will move down a court. Players will play another three games on their new court with three new partners. At the conclusion of those three games, the league day/night is complete.

When ready to play the next league match, the software we use for tournaments will know which players to put on which courts based on the previous weeks results. Higher courts have higher point values for wins on those courts. For example if you had four courts a win on court #1 is worth 1pt, court #2 2pts, court #3 4pts, court #4 8pts. Points double for game wins no matter how many courts you have.

A shootout league creates a ranking of all players participating and allows a variety of ability levels to be able to compete in the same league.


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